FKNK Law Firm

FKNK (Previously known as Firmansyah & Kurniagung Law Firm or FKNK) is a reputable Indonesian law firm specializing in corporate legal matters and dispute resolution which offer its client professional solutions, highly standardized legal services, legal database, and resources.


  • Provide trusted lawyers and legal consultants.
  • Deliver its legal services in an efficient and accurate manner.
  • Offer practical legal solution for our clients in accordance to the prevailing laws and regulations.

We also believe that our client’s interest is our priority, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in order to fulfill our client’s interest.

With our approach in dealing with business matters, it would surely have positive impact on our client's business activities, and implement good corporate governance which will lead to increased profitability of our client’s business. We highly value professionalism and integrity as the highest priority to our work.

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FKNK Law Firm

We believe by creating 2 (two) following main divisions shall cover any legal matters which encountered by our clients:


FKNK Legal Consultants have extensive exposure in handling major business deals and transactions and we are committed in providing excellent and comprehensive corporate legal services in various business fields, including but not limited to:

• Assisting and advising our clients on their business transactions and activities.

• Conducting legal review on our client's business transactions and activities for any potential legal issues as well as preparing business contracts in the best interest of our clients.

• Preparing accurate legal opinion for our client's business transaction.

• Conducting comprehensive legal due diligence.

• Conducting precise legal research in accordance to the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia

• Providing any other general corporate legal services


FKNK advocates are professional legal practitioners who have broad experiences and consistently value the client's interest in their dispute. In representing and/or assisting our clients, we provide our legal services to settle the dispute throughout any possible legal proceedings as follows: Amicable Settlement Assistance to both individual and/or corporate entities to resolve legal matters out of court and in amicable manner in order to prevent further legal dispute. We assist through mediation and undertake negotiation on behalf of clients to secure reconciliatory resolution using existing laws and common practice based on valid legal procedures and principles. Civil Legal Actions and Criminal Proceedings Provide any feasible litigation legal service in representing and/or assisting the clients in their legal matters through the authorized district court to supreme court, arbitration proceedings and any other government institutions of the Republic of Indonesia. We also provide legal assistance in various criminal cases. An immediate counseling services and correspondences with the relevant authorities such as state police department, public prosecutors, Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi), and other authorized government bodies. Furthermore, we shall protect the client's right during the criminal proceedings both on the investigation process and upon the court from any relevant district courts to the supreme court of the Republic of Indonesia.

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